About Me

I’m a technology professional with diverse interests in software engineering, marketing, and studying complex systems. My background allows me to work on scalable software systems while also understanding how to market products and services effectively.

In software engineering, I enjoy designing and building robust, scalable applications and services. I have experience with languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java as well as frameworks like Django and React. I’m always exploring new technologies and techniques to create more efficient, secure systems.

In marketing, I’m fascinated by strategies for reaching audiences and promoting brands on digital platforms. I stay up-to-date on the latest trends in social media, SEO, paid advertising, and growth hacking. I’m analytical yet creative when developing data-driven campaigns and content.

Finally, I’m passionate about studying complex systems in fields like biology, economics, and technology. I’m constantly learning about system dynamics, emergent behaviors, feedback loops, and networks. These concepts from complexity theory inform my approach to building adaptable products and identifying growth opportunities.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked to apply my diverse skill set to build scalable systems while using marketing techniques to connect these systems to users. I’m driven by my curiosity and desire to work on projects with positive real-world impact. Although my interests span multiple domains, they are united by my core focus on creating solutions that work for humans in the digital age.